Boiler Installation & Repair Service

Boiler installation

If you require a boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler replacement, boiler Servicing, or Maintenance service in Kingston upon Thames, Slough, Hounslow & Harrow, Uk, look no further than the GS Master Plumbing & Heating. Book our local gas-safe registered engineers to deal with any heating or gas job.

Boiler installation is really easy for an experienced Gas Safe boiler engineer from Boiler Central, as we install so many boiler installations in Kingston upon Thames, slough, Hounslow & harrow Uk every day (except Christmas day).

Boiler installation involves putting a new boiler in replacement of an old one as well as reconnecting the pipes, water inlet, and a new boiler flue is installed. If you have any external water tanks, you may need these reconnected or disconnected. Installation time will take between 1 to 3 days dependent on the amount of work required.

Combi Boilers Installation

Are you looking for a Gas Safe local boiler engineer for the installation of a new Combi boiler in Kingston Upon Thames, Slough, Hounslow, or Harrow? we at Gs Master Plumbers & Heating specialise in providing high standard heating and boilers Services. we have over 10 years of experience in providing boiler installations, boiler repairs, boiler servicing, boiler replacements, and Maintenance.

The combi boiler, also known as a combination boiler, is popular because it combines a central heating boiler with a high-efficiency water heater. These condensing combi boilers can be installed in most homes in the UK

The combination boiler comes in one compact unit which can be installed in kitchen cupboards if small enough. A combi boiler draws directly from the mains water, so there is no need for a separate storage tank for hot or cold water.

Installing a new combi boiler in your home is one of the most effective ways to save money on your utility bills. If you already have a combi boiler and want a new combi boiler installed in replacement of your old one, then expect this to take no longer than 1 day to fit.

If you have a system boiler and want to convert it to a combi boiler to remove your hot water tank, then this can take up to 2 days. System to combi boiler conversion installation is very popular in the UK right now.

System Boilers Installation

Gs Master Plumbing & heating provides System boiler installation and repair services in Kingston upon Thames, Slough, Hounslow & Harrow. Our qualified engineers are ready to install a new System gas boiler. We have local gas safe registered Engineers who can install your residential & commercial system boiler in Kingston upon Thames, Slough, Hounslow & Harrow.

Like the traditional type, the system boiler  also requires a hot water cylinder. But with this variety, you’ll find that most of its critical components and features are part of the system itself.

For this reason, system boilers are often easy to install. They also require less space due to the fact there is no cold-water tank. You sill, however, need to have space for the hot water tank and ideally, you should already have a hot water tank if you are wanting a system boiler. If you don’t have a hot water tank you have a combi boiler or will need a combi boiler installing otherwise

If you already have a system boiler then installing a new one will be the most cost-effective way and should take around a day to fit. If you already have a hot water tank then a new system boiler will work with this also.

It can just be installed and plumbed into work as your old system boiler would have done. If you are requiring a new hot water tank then expect the fitting of the system boiler to take longer.

Full system boiler installation with a new hot water tank may take up to 2 days.

Heat Only Boilers Installation

If you already have a regular boiler and a hot and cold water tank then a new regular boiler can easily be installed to work with these. This type of installation will be quick and easy if just replacing your old one and will take the heating engineer around a day to complete.

If you require new hot water tanks or cold water tanks then expect the boiler installation to take longer. it may take up to two days to complete the full removal of the old boiler, the water tank, and fitting of the new tanks.

Boiler repair

We provide a high-quality boiler repair service to our customers in Kingston upon Thames, Slough, Hounslow & Harrow. GS Master Plumbing & Heating is the company you can rely on for your boiler repair and servicing needs.

Our team of experienced boiler engineers can assist in replacing boiler parts and completing other boiler repairs to restore your home’s heating and hot water system. It’s important to solve issues early on as they pop up to minimize any damage to your property.

At GS Master Plumbing & Heating, we know boilers like the back of our heating elements – pretty dang well! When you call on our team, you can be confident that you’re going to be helped quickly by a genuine boiler service expert, qualified to locate the actual cause of your heating woes and provide the proper repairs and maintenance needed to restore comfort and set your thermostat to bliss.

Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

Don’t wait until you have a significant emergency on your hands to get your boiler the repairs needed. While regular maintenance will help things work the way they should, understanding some of the common signs that your boiler needs repair can prove very useful.

Water Leaks

Boiler water leaks are never good. While some homeowners think they can simply patch leaks up and move on, most boiler leaks result from more extensive issues such as corrosion, poor installation, broken seals, or even damaged valves and pumps. Leaks need to be inspected and repaired by a professional technician to restore heat and prevent future water damage.

Unusual Smells

If odd smells are coming from your boiler or boiler room, contact your local gas-safe registered boiler engineer right away. While the pungent smell of rotten eggs resulting from bacteria growth in the boiler is not a sign of immediate danger, the smell of natural gas or propane coming from your gas-fueled boiler is. In this case, turn off your gas and water supplies and give our team a call for help.

Strange Sounds

While some popping and rumbling may cause you to jump in the night, odd furnace noises don’t present any immediate danger. However, excessive kettling, gurgling, or whistling should be brought to the attention of a professional boiler technician as soon as possible to address the limescale build-up, trapped air, or blockage causing the issue.

Boiler Turns Off for No Reason

If your boiler is randomly shutting off in the middle of the night, request an inspection right away. This unreliability of your boiler system can be caused by a number of things including a faulty thermostat, leaks in your system, or even a faulty pump!

Call us to Repair Your Boiler Today!

When it’s time to restore comfort and functionality to your home, call  Gs Master Plumbing & Heating for professional, reliable, and efficient boiler repair service. We have local gas safe registered engineers to provide safe and reliable gas boiler repair and servicing.  When you’re ready to experience Gs Master difference for yourself, reach out to your local Gs Master Plumbing & Heating to schedule your gas boiler repair and servicing  appointment!

Boiler servicing and maintenance

re you looking for a boiler maintenance & servicing provider in Kingston upon Thames, Slough, Hounslow & Harrow? GS Master Plumbing & Heating provides reliable boiler repair & service at an affordable price.

The best way to protect your boiler from needing service calls, repairs, and an eventual replacement is by ensuring it receives regular inspections and maintenance. Our team can work with you to establish the best maintenance plan schedule for your home’s boiler.

What Are the Benefits of Boiler Maintenance?

Boiler maintenance and servicing is essential to the comfort of everyone in your home, as well as the longevity of your boiler. Receiving the proper boiler maintenance from a professional heating company can help you:

Boiler Maintenance Includes:

When you give GS Master Plumbing & Heating a call, you’ll be greeted with around the clock service due to our 24/7 availability. After learning a little about what you’re looking for, our team will schedule a time for our team to come out and perform a proper inspection and complete any maintenance needed.

Boiler Replacement

If you need a brand new boiler installed into your newly built home, your current energy-sucking boiler needs to be upgraded, or your broken boiler needs to be replaced, GS Master Plumbing & Heating can help. We offer a professional boiler replacement service, ensuring you can use your new boiler for a decade or more to come!

Signs Your Boiler Needs to be Replaced

Rarely ever do boilers go out without making some sort of statement beforehand through various common warning signs. Be on the lookout for these signs to have your boiler replaced before future service calls and damage repair is needed!

Older Boiler

A properly maintained boiler will last, on average, 15 years. If your boiler is approaching this threshold or is older than 15 years, it’s time to consider a replacement before it chooses to break down.

Call Gs Master to Replace Your Boiler Today!

our team of highly skilled engineers have many years of experience when is time to offer customers an new boiler replacement service in Kingston upon Thames, Slough, Hounslow & Harrow. If you discover the boiler not able to produce heat, or you are experiencing problems with pressure, leaks or are producing a lot of noise, you need to have it evaluated as the boiler could be damaged.